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October 02 2013


Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 Slotcar Racing and Everything Slot Car Related

Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 Slotcar Racing and Everything Slot Car Related

What are Slotcars

Slotcars are electrically powered (ordinarily) little scale automobiles that operate over a purpose crafted observe, guided by a small pin or blade that extends within the bottom in the automobile into the slot that may be established into the observe.

The automobiles are controlled Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 besttires101 by a "Hand controller", a speed controlling device used by the Slotcar Racer. Controllers are either operated by pulling the trigger on the controller, shaped much like a gun trigger, or by pushing a plunger.

The very first controllable Slot Cars and trucks as we know them today date back to the 1950's, however electrically powered automobiles running on "rail" tracks date all the way back to about 1915.

Slotcars can come in any scale or size, but are commercially available in HO (these days 1:64 but have varied over the years to as little as 1:87), 1/32 and 1/24 scale.

The HO and 1/32 scale automobiles are mainly found racing on plastic "homeset" tracks and are ordinarily highly detailed replicas of real automobiles, while the 24th scale automobiles are mainly Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 used on commercial wooden routed tracks, and raced at commercial raceways, due to their size. The fastest in the 1/24th scale automobiles are called "Wing Cars", named for their lexan "wings" that are affixed to the sides in the body to dramatically increase the handling and speed in the automobiles. These automobiles will reach scale speeds of over two thousand miles per hour, and can cover a 155ft observe in under 1.5 seconds.

The most visible Slot Cars and trucks to the average person are either the HO or 1/32 scale automobiles and sets found in most hobby shops and toy stores, including brands like Ninco , Scalextrix , Carrera , Tyco , Aurora AFX , Artin , SCX

Commercial Slot Automobile Racing

Commercial slot automobile racing boomed in the 1960's, mainly with 1/24th scael automobiles and mainly in America, but also in other countries around the world. Raceways opened throughout the US, with huge numbers of people racing their automobiles in organised competitions on huge wooden routed tracks. At one point it seemed a slot automobile raceway was on every street corner.

Once the initial boom went away, commercial slotcar racing in the US survived, with a few original 60's raceways still in operation today, and hundreds of slotcar raceways spread around the country, offering weekly racing across the different scales.

For information and links to this type of racing visit 1 Lap Short a Slotcar Blog.

Types of Slot Cars

Slot Cars and trucks are found in many shapes and sizes, within the little home established automobiles everyone had as a kid, all the way through to the commercial observe 1/24th automobiles. The differnet scales and types of automobiles are really dictated by the types of observe each automobile is designed to operate on.

Types of Tracks

Plastic Homeset Tracks

The traditional home established type observe is the type most familiar to most people. The observe comes in plastic sections, snaps together and can be established up on the floor, over a table or over a dedicated layout. Traditionally these sets are either HO or 1/32nd scale, although these days there are some 1/24th scale sets available.

Technology has advanced over the years, and the plastic tracks of today are much more robust and well made than the early ones. The connections between the observe sections have improved to eliminate the issues in the tracks of yesteryear. Technology has alos moved on with the automobiles and control systems, with all sorts of options available, including digital systems where it is even possible to operate more than one automobile over a lane.

Wooden Routed Tracks

The wooden routed tracks first appeared in the 1960's in the large commercial raceways that sprung up during the slot automobile heydays. The tracks are ordinarily quite long, swoopy, fast, and are ordinarily 8 lanes, and are crafted for 1/24th scale automobiles, with some smaller tracks crafted for 1/32 scale also.

Of course tracks can be crafted by anyone, and many people do have routed wooden tracks at home, sometimes only 1 or 2 lanes. Tracks have also been routed form various plastic materials, and just about anything else you can think of.

Types of Cars

Slot Cars and trucks by definition are minature automobiles. When it comes to racing slot automobiles there are two schools of thought. Firstly there are the people who ar emainly slot automobile collectors, adn want highly detailed exact copies of real automobiles and racing automobiles. The automobiles that this type of person ordinarily has are the highly detailed slot automobiles that are made as exact replicas, and ordinarily are made to operate on plastic type tracks.

Then there are those that are only interested in the racing. They will ordinarily be looking to get their automobiles to go as fast as they can, and are not so interested in having them look like exact replicas. Some will try to stay true to the replica theme, while others will be building out and out speed machines, these days known as "Wing Cars", aptly named for the stylizyed body shells, an the lexan aerodynamic "wings" attached to the side in the body shells. These "Wing" automobiles can reach speeds up to 90mph, and can cover the standard Blue King style routed commercail observe layout of 155ft in under 1.5 seconds.

hankook dynapro atm rf10

Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 The Hudson Motor Motor vehicle Organization - Vehicles, Levels of competition and Character

Roller Coaster Experience within a Hudson

The story on the Hudson Auto Business is really a somewhat usual story of yank business company through the primary fifty percent on the twentieth century. There were increase and also bust moments. Battling towards automotive giants, Hudson couldn t afford to pay for to create issues. And when it produced too many, it faded into historical past.

All that's still left of Hudson is a few impressive examples of it s famed car -- but was the top unavoidable? Traditional motor vehicle fans are still left to ponder..."what if..."

In 1909, Roy Chapin and Howard Coffin, seasoned motor vehicle males in the Olds Business, resolved the automobile marketplace was ready for your high top quality, modern car that could provide for under $1,000. Joseph L. Hudson was their financier plus the new motor vehicle was named in his honor. Early generation figures ended up astounding for that time plus the long term seemed shiny.

The organization grew and prospered while in the twenties and new types, the Essex and Terraplane added to the lineup. Vans ended up also manufactured working with the trade title Dover. By 1929 Hudson was the nation s number three automaker. Things in no way seemed greater.

1930's - Times Are Tight

During the 1930 ˜s, Hudson launched innovations for instance dashboard warning lights, double-safe Hydraulic brakes, a light-weight weight but potent six-cylinder engine, a high compression engine and balanced crankshafts (making it possible for smoother and quieter engines).

In 1932 they launched the unit-engineered method of overall body building. This authorized a lighter, more powerful overall body and it is the normal overall body for all vehicles currently. The company's cash difficulties were not reflected in the slightest degree in it really is vehicles.

War and Write-up War for Hudson

Maybe Hudson's major innovation previous to Entire world War II was introduction of an automated transmission. Oldsmobile by now experienced a person around the marketplace and Hudson, like other competition ended up rushing to layout their very own. Hudson's automated was responsible but complex and eventually the Olds hydra-matic layout grew to become the accepted a person for that business.

In 1942 Hudson transformed it s significant production capacity to wartime protection generation (until 1946).

After the war, Hudson retooled and launched a completely new 1948 design using a dropped ground layout which established your body within the frame alternatively of on it. This gave the car a very low silhouette and very low centre of gravity. At the time once more, Hudson's layout grew to become the business normal and it is continue to used within a modified fashion currently.

1950's - Using Into your Sunset

The uni-body, and it really is very low center-of-gravity was a person reason behind Hudson's racing success while in the early 1950 s. They dominated inventory motor vehicle racing as no motor vehicle has prior to or considering the fact that.

The famed Hudson Hornet, launched in 1951, with it really is unbelievable handling and large, twin carburetor 308 cu. in. six-cyl. engine was the most well liked motor vehicle around the road ¦but exactly where ended up the gross sales figures? For that solution, let's look at Hudson's huge competition.

During the 1950 s Ford and GM ended up locked within a gross sales war and equally commenced working with methods which would spell the top (either deliberately or as collateral problems) on the more compact firms. Yearly styling alterations, price tag wars and large marketing strategies ended up also costly for Hudson to contend with.

Hudson s bland styling and it really is standing for remaining "reliable but boring were not what the marketplace wished. In 1954 Hudson merged with Nash-Kelvinator (forming AMC). This didn't stave off extinction, in truth the results, for Hudson ended up disastrous.

The new organization shut the Hudson plant in Detroit and began manufacturing a Hudson-bodied Nash that was not a true Hudson. Consumers worried that the Hudson brand would soon vanish so most seemed to the big three for his or her following vehicles. They knew that Fords and GMs would not turn into orphans within a quick time, nevertheless they were not so guaranteed about Hudson.

After 1957 the Hudson emblem lived no additional.

The Legacy

Could Hudson have survived? Almost certainly not. A better merger may need saved it nevertheless the big three weren ˜t interested. Cash-strapped Hudson knew it couldn t operate together with the big pet dogs by itself, so it wound up tied to Nash s destiny while in the AMC merger.

 Companies occur and go, typically to be overlooked, but Hudson produced a bigger dent than most. The Hudson Motor Business is remembered as being a little gladiator who battled giants -- and infrequently received.


Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 Cars That can Hardly ever Lessen in Value

While viewing High-priced Rides final night which was within the Bugatti Veyron it transpired to me that there are several vehicles out there that may in no way lower in price. The truth is the majority of these vehicles within this record will see their lowest price tag within the working day they are really offered as a new vehicle.Â

Most of one's standard vehicles will see substantial depreciation about a brief time frame. Such as a pal of mine picked up a Jaguar XJR that experienced 45,000 miles on it for the small about $10,000. This can be a vehicle that offered for eight times that price tag just a few a long time ago. A 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo that offered for approximately 1 / 4 of the million pounds can be found now for about $100,000. That is certainly normally exactly where a Lamborghini stops reducing in price so a car like the Gallardo will lower in price by $150,000 or so for about 6 a long time then it will level out and in a long time possibly start to increase in price. Such as the Lamborghini Countach which now sells for about fifty percent of what it did when it was new and that i suspect that about the coming a long time it will climb in price tag to at some point previously mentioned the initial price. The 1985 Lamborghini Countach initially offered for about $100,000, thinking of inflation is in fact about $200,000. In today s market a clean Countach will established you back anywhere from $100k to $140k.Â

So now what vehicles can you purchase and become guaranteed which they won't ever lower in price whatsoever? No I am not discussing Hondas or Toyotas. The vehicles within this record can be a handful of from the most elite vehicles during the planet. Between this record would be the best velocity holder, plus the speediest creation keep track of vehicle.Â

Bugatti Veyron

At approximately two million pounds this is certainly certainly the most costly vehicle during the planet. It's the speediest accelerating vehicle reaching 0-60 in two.6 seconds. It's the officially speediest vehicle during the planet which has a best velocity of 267 mph+. This document was reclaimed from the Veyron within the SSC Ultimate Aero which exceeded the orginal 253 mph document. Bugatti did this along with the new Tremendous Activity product which was manufactured exclusively to interrupt the planet and established one that everybody suggests is unbeatable.

304 Built

Pagani Zonda

The Zonda arrives in at $667,321. It truly is Made by a small corporation in Italy that makes about one vehicle every month, this causes it to be on the list of most elite vehicles during the planet. The Zonda would be the 5th speediest vehicle during the planet. It provides a best velocity of 215 mph+ and it can get to 0-60 in three.5 seconds and is arguably the speediest keep track of vehicle during the planet.

117 Built

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren Roadster

At a price tag of $450,000 the SLR is easily the most highly-priced Mercedes has ever made. The SLR was on the list of initially vehicles dubbed as a "hypercar". The SLR McLaren has the speediest automated transmission vehicle during the planet and which has a best velocity of 206 mph+ and reaching 60 mph in three.eight seconds it's on the list of speediest during the planet and it doesnt skimp out on luxurious possibly.

1,a hundred and fifteen Built

Porsche Carrera GT

$440,000. The Carrera GT contains a best velocity of 205 mph+ and it can get to 0-60 in three.9 seconds. The Carrera was the 1st vehicle to obtain a complete carbon fiber monocoque body. It truly is real race vehicle and offers an unparalleled driving feeling within the street.

1,270 constructed 900 continue to be

Koenigsegg CCX

$545,568. Swedish manufactured Tremendous Vehicle, the Koenigsegg is coming near into the speediest vehicle during the planet document. Now, it's the 4th speediest vehicle during the planet which has a best velocity of 245 mph+. It is also on the list of speediest keep track of vehicles during the planet.

Less than 100 built

Ferrari Enzo

Originally at $670,000 some Enzos exactly where described to obtain been offered for more than a million pounds. Quite possibly most nicely known supercar ever constructed. The Enzo contains a best velocity of 217 mph and reaching 60 mph in three.4 seconds. Having a mere four hundred vehicles constructed it joins the group from the most elite vehicles during the planet.

400 built

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